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Gregg Horton - Security Engineer

that's me!

My name is Gregg Horton and I'm a Security Engineer living in Oakland, CA. I have an interest in web application and network security which I put to use on a daily basis. I also have given talks about multimedia art and give workshops on electronics, security, privacy and field recording.

You can find me as Greggawatt most places on the internet.


I currently work as a Product Security Engineer at Slack. Previously I worked at Webpass as a Software Engineer and at Instructables as a QA Engineer and Systems Adminstrator

Programming projects can be found on my on my GitHub page

Also check me out on linkedIn

In July 2014 I spoke at HOPE X about Surveillance Art [Video]

In January 2015 I was invited by Whisper Systems to attend their Winter Break Of Code.

Non-Programming Projects

Most of my DIY and How-To projects can be found here


Basics of Field Recording and Sound Editing Workshop Weekend, Oakland, CA 2013

Beginning Electronics with Arduino SFSU Campus

Published Work

I have projects in the following publications:

Ward, Barbara, iKnow Twitter, Tweet-a-pot, (April 2011): 117

Weinstein, Noah, Extraordinary Projects for Ordinary People, Digital Holga, (November, 2012): 208 (Listed as Frenzy)


Email me at and if you like encryption here is My Public Key

I also run a blog that has projects, talks i've given and other thoughts here.