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Gregg Horton - Web Developer

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My name is Gregg Horton and I'm a developer living in Oakland, CA. My specialties are Ruby, Rails, Javascript, and Backbone.js. I also have extensive experience working with servers and doing QA and release management. I have an interest in web application and network security which I put to use on a daily basis. I also give talks about multimedia art and give workshops on electronics, security, privacy and field recording.

You can find me as Greggawatt most places on the internet.


My current resume is here.

Recent programming projects can be found on my on my GitHub page

In July 2014 I spoke at HOPE X about Surveillance Art [Video]

In January 2015 I was invited by Whisper Systems to attend their Winter Break Of Code.

Personal Projects

BumBox is a browser based music app built in ember.js

Reedly is a fully functional rss reader with a ruby on rails back-end and a backbone.js front-end

Non-Programming Projects

Most of my DIY and How-To projects can be found here


Basics of Field Recording and Sound Editing Workshop Weekend, Oakland, CA 2013

Beginning Electronics with Arduino SFSU Campus

Published Work

I have projects in the following publications:

Ward, Barbara, iKnow Twitter, Tweet-a-pot, (April 2011): 117

Weinstein, Noah, Extraordinary Projects for Ordinary People, Digital Holga, (November, 2012): 208 (Listed as Frenzy)


Email me at and if you like encryption here is My Public Key

I also run a blog that has projects, talks i've given and other thoughts here.

Also check me out on linkedIn